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Shenzhen Nokexin Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, is a collection research and development production, product sales, technical services as one of the company. The company's existing office, production workshop, research and development room, test room, storage warehouse 10,000 square meters, advanced grinding machine, crimping machine, automatic discharge machine, tester and other production equipment, a strong production and processing ability.

Connaught letter has nokoxin and nocosen two brands, mainly for a IP LAN, MAN, WAN, telecommunications transmission network to provide the most professional services and fiber products production suppliers. Companies with a wealth of product experience and business philosophy, for mobile, China Unicom, telecommunications and other operators to provide the most comprehensive optical passive products, the company's optical fiber communications products are: splitter, transceiver, optical module, network card, MPO Fiber jumpers, all kinds of armored jumpers, lightweight waterproof fiber jumpers, multi-core jumper and beam pigtail, ordinary fiber jumpers, optical attenuators, couplers, and the fastest response to customer demand Of the products for many customers in the project bidding to provide price support and protection, and to high-quality products so that many engineering firms in the bidding to win the project...

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